Arrive in good time to stretch and prepare equipment, 10 – 15 minutes before start time.

Have all your equipment with you, i.e. paddles; kick boards, hats, goggles etc.

Use the toilet before training begins and always inform the coach if you need to leave the pool during training.  There will be toilet breaks where necessary in-between sets, not during them.

Listen and concentrate on what your coach is telling you.

Always swim to the wall as you do in a race, and practice turns as instructed.

Do not stop and stand in the lane, you may get injured.

Do not pull on the ropes as this may injure other swimmers and damage the ropes.

Do not skip lengths or sets, you are only cheating yourself! Think about what you are doing during training.

Swimmers are not to stand up or walk during the session unless absolutely necessary or they are told to do so.

If a swimmers have a problem with any of their equipment, they may stop at the lane end to sort the issue out, so as not to disrupt the other swimmers.

Swimmers are to complete the sessions to the best of their ability.

Also – one for the parents – don’t loiter in the showers!